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New Zealand’s biggest grower and packer of export cherries.

Established in 1984, 45 South Cherries is located on the outskirts of Cromwell in Central Otago. For over 35 years we’ve been the leader in growing, picking, packing and distributing NZ’s best cherry varieties.

45 South Cherries’ packhouse and office is located in the Cromwell basin at Ripponvale. At the foot of Mt Pisa, this popular fruit growing location has produced many types of stone fruit over the past 100 years and is considered the ideal location for growing cherries in New Zealand. Mineral rich soils combined with Central Otago’s intense, Mediterranean climate deliver ruby red cherries with bold, delicious flavours.

45 South Cherries manage over 20 client orchards throughout Central Otago.

Expert growers deliver the highest quality cherries in the world.

Central Otago’s diverse climate delivers a natural advantage in growing delicious cherries, however it also presents challenges to growers and orchardists. Our growers are exceptional orchardists, managing harsh winters and threats, such as hailstorms or heavy rain, which can devastate crops. Orchardists precisely manage factors such as crop load, the amount of light a tree receives, nutrition and irrigation. Routine tasks such as pruning, trimming, fertilising and planting follow the dance of the seasons.

Growing cherries in Central Otago is an integral part of our economy, heritage and culture. 45 South Cherries partner with the most passionate, skilled growers to ensure we can offer the highest quality cherries for export. Many of our orchards are family owned, with growing techniques handed down over generations.

45 South Cherries export over 20 varieties of Central Otago cherry. 90% of our volume is made up of seven of our most popular varieties: Chelan, Sonnet, Stella, Lapin, Sweetheart and Staccato. 45 South Cherries also hold the exclusive rights to grow and export the Sentennial cherry variety, a juicy, ruby red cherry of the highest quality. Growing the Sentennial variety allows 45 South Cherries to supply markets longer than anyone else in New Zealand.

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Tim Jones

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Jim Blanche

Orchard Manager
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Richard Cameron

Sales & Marketing Manager
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Joy Gillespie

Finance & Administration Manager
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Patsy Blanche

Health & Safety & Employment Manager
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