45 South Management


New Zealand's largest grower and packer of fresh cherries.

45 South is not only New Zealand’s largest grower and packer of cherries, we also hold our own export license and are one of New Zealand’s largest cherry exporters.

45 South has a company philosophy of doing everything possible to grow the best cherries in the world. This is achieved by growing the best cherry varieties in the best locations on the newest growing systems. We have invested heavily in our packhouse which runs two state of the art optical graders. This guarantees only the highest quality cherries make it into our export boxes.

We deliver quality fruit

45 South is leading the way with innovative packaging and supply chain management. We strive to ensure our cherries are the freshest to market.

Being the Grower, Packer and Exporter puts 45 South in a strong position to deliver exceptionally high quality fruit to its customers all around the world.

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If you are interested in being supplied with cherries from 45 South please get in touch with our Sales and Marketing Manager Richard Cameron to discuss further.  

We're always keen to talk about our export options